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    City Of Arts And Sciences In Spain

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    Ambitious ultramodern architectural complex, built in the last 8 years on the right bank of the old riverbed Turii, designed to provide for the residents of the province and numerous tourist center, accumulate in their most recent achievements in science and the arts and to disseminate knowledge among broad segments of visitors.fter the disastrous flood of 1957 allowed for a new river channel south of the city, a former turned into a park length of 10 km, which is for citizens in this green light.City of Arts and Sciences has become a symbol of the future of Valencia, which was recently named «gardens and orchards of Spain».He designed the world famous Spanish architects Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela.


    Parade Of Dog Clothes

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    In New York, has an annual parade of costumes for household pets in honor of Halloween.


    Very Funny Vegi Celebrities

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